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Practice Update Regarding COVID-19

Posted: March 25, 2020

There have been way too many mixed messages about COVID-19 so let me deliver a clear message. This virus is extremely dangerous and it is spreading throughout our society very quickly. This virus doesn’t care who you are, how tough you think you are or even how healthy you are at this very moment. It is extremely dangerous to our society, and if we do not pay attention to our “true experts” in this great time of need, millions of people stand to get infected and could potentially die. There have been way too many mixed messages which are not giving the public the truth it needs and deserves. I wish you all very well throughout this crisis, please take social distancing very seriously. Our lives depend on it as well as our economy. If we do this correctly for 6-8 weeks according to experts we can bring AMERICA BACK AGAIN!!

–Dr. Dennis P. Goehring

Temporary Closure Effective Immediately Until April 21, 2020

Posted: March 23, 2020

We will be closing temporarily per Governor Abbot’s Executive Order through April 21, 2020. Please be sure to check back here for updates, as information is changing daily. We will still be accessible by appointment only for Emergency Dentistry if needed. Please call us with any questions (512)892-8822 or email us: info@goehringdental.com

Thank you,

Goehring Dental

Posted: March 20, 2020

To all our patients, families, and friends: 

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic is upon us and as the world and our country join in the fight to contain this virus there have been guidelines put forth by the CDC, ADA and TDA as well as our local governing bodies. These guidelines are suggesting to limit treatment in our office as long as this pandemic continues. We are contacting many of you to reschedule routine and elective dental visits. We are still open for urgent dental care and emergencies. Our office will be open Monday-Thursday from 8-2 pm. Furthermore, for your safety we are limiting the number of people who come with you to your appointment to one. 

We have always been very diligent with disinfection and sterilization techniques. With the new environment we are now in we are doubling down on our disinfection techniques. The entire office is being wiped down with hospital grade disinfecting wipes throughout the day. Corona Virus being an enveloped virus makes it easier to kill, which is why Lysol or Clorox is equally effective. 

While this pandemic continues we ask that you please disclose any and all travel history in the last 3 months. This will assist in your safety as well as ours. Every patient will be pre-screened which includes checking your temperature before proceeding with your appointment. 

We appreciate your patience during this very difficult time and we will update you with any changes to our office hours or procedures regarding COVID-19 moving forward.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us via email: appointments@goehringdental.com

Thank you and stay safe!

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