Fotona LightWalker Dental Laser in Austin, TX

Introducing LightWalker Dental Laser

Leading the Dental Laser Industry. Dental lasers have transformed dentistry with usages that are faster, more efficient, and more rewarding to patients and practitioners than ever before. With over 50 years of experience in laser technology, Fotona’s award-winning highest-performance LightWalker family laser systems are leading the dental industry onward to new heights of excellence with unparalleled exactness, presentation, and ease of use.

“Fotona was the first manufacturer to introduce two complementary laser wavelengths (Er: YAG and Nd: YAG) in a single system (Twinlight, 1994) and the first to develop a dental laser that outperforms a conventional rotary drill (Fidelis Plus II, 2004). The company’s revolutionary LightWalker® AT system, introduced in 2011, is the world’s first scanner-ready dental laser as well as the first to utilize QSP (Quantum Square Pulse) technology for ultimate precision and performance. In 2019 Fotona introduced the new generation SkyPulse® portable Er: YAG dental laser system, which can be tailored for each individual practice to meet the needs of the modern dental practice. SkyPulse’s unique design allows additional high-performance diode module accessories for the broadest range of diode laser wavelengths, which are increasingly being used in dentistry as a supplement to conventional therapy. Both the LightWalker® and SkyPulse® laser systems have won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for their excellent aesthetic form and incomparable functionality.”

Today Fotona is renowned as a world leader in the modernism and elaboration of new dental applications and technologies.

The Benefits of Fotona Dental Lasers:

  • More precise than conventional dental tools
  • More effective due to their power of disinfection
  • Easy and effective endodontic treatments
  • Little or no bleeding surgical procedures, with simultaneous disinfection
  • Gentle cavity preparation
  • Simplified endo procedure
  • Simplified Perio Therapy
  • Safe, precise, and non-invasive treatments
  • Effective cleaning and debriding
  • No mechanical pressure and vibrations

There are broad array of facial Aesthetic Procedures we can perform with the LightWalker as well such as: Veins and Vascular Lesions, Nightlase (Laser Snoring Treatment), Sleep Apnea, Snoring, Pigmented Lesion Removal, Acne Revision, Smooth Eye treatment and much more.



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