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In the bustling city of Austin, finding compassionate and experienced dentists for individuals with special needs can be crucial. If you or a loved has special needs, we welcome you to Goehring Dental, your go-to dental practice, where we pride ourselves on providing exceptional dental care for everyone, including special needs patients. 

Austin, TX special needs dentist, Dr. Dennis Goehring, and his dedicated team believe in creating a comfortable and stress-free environment for all patients, ensuring that every visit to the dentist is a positive experience. Learn more about the importance of special needs dentistry and how Goehring Dental is committed to serving the diverse dental needs of the Austin community. 

Special Needs Dentistry: A Tailored Approach to Dental Care

Special needs dentistry is a specialized branch of dental care that focuses on accommodating patients with physical, intellectual, or emotional disabilities. At Goehring Dental, we understand that every special needs individual is unique and requires a personalized approach to dental care. Our Austin dental team is highly trained in handling patients with special needs, providing them with the utmost care, empathy, and respect.

Our Approach to Special Needs Dentistry at Goehring Dental

Caring for patients with special needs requires an individualized and patient-centric approach. At Goehring Dental, our Austin, TX, dental team follows a well-defined process to ensure the best care possible.

  • Comprehensive Assessments: Before any treatment, our dentists conduct thorough assessments to understand the patient’s medical history, dental condition, and specific requirements.
  • Customized Treatment Plans: Based on the assessments, we create personalized treatment plans that consider the patient’s comfort, safety, and oral health goals.
  • Sensory-Friendly Environment: Our dental practice is designed to be sensory-friendly, with soothing colors, calming music, and gentle lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Effective Communication: We use effective communication techniques, such as visual aids and simple language, to ensure clear understanding and foster trust with our patients.
  • Supportive Team: Our team is trained in compassionate care, and we take the time to build rapport with patients, helping them feel at ease throughout their visit.

Special Needs Patients We Treat in Austin, TX

We have treated special needs patients living with a wide array of disabilities, including:




Cerebral Palsy


Down Syndrome


Seizure Disorders

Fragile X

Intellectual Disabilities




And Many More

The Importance of Special Needs Dentistry

Enhancing Access to Dental Care

Special needs dentistry ensures that individuals with disabilities have equal access to high-quality dental services. By understanding their specific needs, we can tailor treatment plans and procedures to suit their comfort levels.

Preventing Dental Phobia

Dental anxiety is common among people with special needs due to sensory issues or previous negative experiences. Our team employs gentle techniques and communication strategies to alleviate fear and create a pleasant environment.

Preventing Oral Health Complications

Neglecting dental care can lead to serious oral health issues for anyone, and those with special needs may be more prone to lacking dental hygiene skills and forgoing dental appointments. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings help prevent dental problems and maintain overall well-being.

Common Dental Problems for Special Needs Patients

Individuals with special needs, such as Down syndrome, may encounter specific dental challenges that require specialized care. Dr. Goehring and his team are experienced in providing tailored solutions to address common dental problems.

Delayed Tooth Eruption

Children with Down syndrome may experience delayed tooth eruption, making it essential for our team to monitor their dental development closely. Early intervention can prevent potential issues.


Misalignment of the teeth, known as malocclusion, is common among individuals with special needs. Dr. Goehring can recommend orthodontic solutions to improve their bite and overall oral health.

Gum Disease

People with special needs are more susceptible to gum disease due to compromised immune systems. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings are crucial to prevent gum problems.


Teeth grinding or bruxism is prevalent among individuals with special needs. Dr. Goehring can provide mouthguards to protect teeth and reduce the impact of bruxism.

Dental Sensitivity

Some individuals with special needs and certain disabilities may experience dental sensitivity, requiring gentle dental care and desensitization techniques.

Oral Hygiene Challenges

Patients with limited motor skills might face challenges in maintaining proper oral hygiene. Our team educates both patients and caregivers on effective oral care techniques.

Dietary Concerns

Dietary habits can affect oral health. Dr. Goehring provides guidance on a balanced diet to support overall dental well-being.

Dental Anxiety

Individuals with mental disabilities might experience heightened dental anxiety. Our team employs communication strategies and sedation dentistry options to create a calming environment.

Communication Barriers

Patients with communication challenges may find dental visits stressful. These challenges might be due to physical traits such as overly large tongues or emotional problems like enhanced anxiety. Dr. Goehring and our team use visual aids and clear communication to ensure understanding and cooperation.

Small and Missing Teeth

Dental anomalies, such as small or missing teeth, can be common among individuals with special needs. Dr. Goehring offers various dental restorations including, dental implants, full and partial dentures, and dental bridges, to address these issues effectively.

Tips for Loved Ones: Caring for Their Smile

Caring for the dental health of individuals with special needs requires a collaborative effort between the dental team, the patient, and their loved ones. Here are some valuable tips that Dr. Goehring and his team give to individuals who need help caring for their loved one’s smile:

  • Establish a Routine: Create a consistent daily oral care routine that includes brushing, flossing, and rinsing with fluoride mouthwash. Stick to the routine to ensure proper oral hygiene.
  • Use Specialized Toothbrushes: For individuals with limited motor skills, consider using electric toothbrushes or toothbrushes with larger handles to make brushing easier.
  • Assist With Brushing: If needed, provide gentle assistance with brushing to ensure all surfaces of the teeth are cleaned effectively.
  • Teach Proper Techniques: Educate loved ones with special needs on the correct brushing and flossing techniques, emphasizing the importance of reaching all areas of the mouth.
  • Choose Toothpaste Wisely: Select fluoride toothpaste with a pleasant flavor that encourages compliance during brushing.
  • Regular Dental Visits: Schedule regular dental check-ups and cleanings with Dr. Goehring. These visits are vital for maintaining oral health and catching any issues early.
  • Encourage Water Consumption: Encourage drinking water throughout the day to help rinse away food particles and maintain a hydrated mouth.
  • Use Visual Aids: For patients with communication challenges, use visual aids or social stories to prepare them for dental visits and procedures.
  • Practice Relaxation Techniques: If the individual experiences dental anxiety, teach and practice relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing, to help them stay calm during appointments.
  • Reward Positive Behavior: Celebrate successful dental visits and good oral hygiene practices with praise and rewards to reinforce positive behavior.
  • Engage in Play: Make dental care fun by incorporating games or play into the routine. This can help create a positive association with oral care.
  • Create a Comforting Environment: If your loved one with special needs has a comfort item, such as a favorite toy or blanket, bring it to their appointment to help them feel at ease.
  • Involve Them in Decisions: When appropriate, involve the individual in decisions about their dental care, to give them a sense of control and autonomy.
  • Stay Patient and Supportive: Caring for someone with special needs can be challenging, but patience and support go a long way in making dental care a positive experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I prepare my loved one with special needs for a dental visit?

Preparing your loved one for a dental visit involves open communication, social stories, and creating a positive association with dental care. Your dental team will likely be happy to provide guidance on how to prepare for a visit.

Is sedation dentistry safe for patients with special needs?

Yes, sedation dentistry can be safe for patients with special needs when administered by a qualified professional. A skilled special needs dentist will prioritize patient safety and carefully monitor sedation levels during procedures.

How often should patients with special needs visit the dentist?

Like any individual, regular dental cleanings and check-ups are essential for maintaining oral health. The frequency of visits may vary based on the patient’s needs, and your dentist will recommend a suitable schedule.

Is special needs dentistry covered by insurance?

Most special needs dentists will accept most major dental insurance plans for services, including special needs dentistry. Please contact your office to verify your insurance coverage beforehand.

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